Here's how it works:

1. Agents or buyers call us now at (814) 834-9454.

2. The caller will reach a friendly, intelligent inspection coordinator who will take them step-by-step through the home inspection process, and they will be provided with an immediate quote.

3. An appointment time and date will be set. At Gelsick Home Inspection, we understand your position as an agent, and we will do our best to accomodate all scheduling needs.

4.Agents will assist us in gaining access to the property. For Clearfield-Jefferson Association of Realtor members, we are equipped with a CJAR MLS lockbox key.

5. We will complete the selected services at the appointed time and date, and encourage you and your clients to be present, if possible. Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like. Remember, we are here for you!

6. Clients and authorized representatives will recieve a comprehensive, easy to understand, computer-generated report - complete with pictures. You are recieving more than a report. You are recieving peace of mind, so you can enjoy your new property surprises!

We Keep Your Deal Moving

"Having spent more than eight years as a licensed real estate salesperson and broker, I understand what it takes to keep a deal moving. A home inspection should be a comfortable experience for the buyer, seller, and agent. An inspecion should never be viewed as a negative part of the selling process. I understand real estate law, practice, the contingencies related to a standard agreement of sale for real estate, as well as the Real Estate Settlement and Prodedures Act (RESPA). I will do everything I can to make a comfortable experience for your client. We pride ourselves on honesty, professionalism, attention to detail, convenient scheduling, and all-encompassing services." -Mike Gelsick
Michael O. Gelsick